Friends make the world go round (#SecretsofaRomanceWriter)

Week 6: Five authors (alive or dead) I’d like to meet

GUYS. This is gonna be cheesy (and short) so strap in.

As you may know, Charlie, Autumn and I hang out on the regular. The other four members of the Spectacular Seven are pure internet friends! They are the first four on my list of authors I’d like to meet.

While I know in my heart of hearts that the world would implode with that much awesome in the room, it’s definitely going to have to happen one day.

These wonderful humans have bolstered me and inspired me and I want to be able to thank them in person one day.

And for my fifth? I don’t know, probably Jane Austen. You know homegirl has opinions about how the genre has evolved. Plus I’d love to learn more about her inspiration for Mr. Darcy!

Curious about what inspired this post? Check out this explanation.

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