Crossdressing Knights and Raunchy Spies (#SecretsofaRomanceWriter)

Week 5: A book the has influenced my life

There’s really only one place to start: Alanna: The First Adventure. While Harry Potter was a formative part of my childhood, Alanna was the start of the first series I devoured without the help of my parents.

The book was the gift of a my step cousin the first Christmas after her father married into the family. She was twelve at the time and gifted it to me, an eight year old, as a book that had greatly shaped her life.

Along with its sequels, I credit this book as the reason I am a writer.

Some of you may know of my dark, disturbing history as a NaNoWriMo winner. I completed the challenge in November of 2011 while in high school.

Alanna was a wonderful heroine to grow up with. She switched places with her twin brother to become a magic wielding knight and fought for women’s rights in the kingdom of Tortall. The heroines that followed after her in the series included a shapeshifting runaway with a tendre for an older man (honestly I blame her for most of my ongoing obsession with the teacher/student trope), the first girl to strive for knighthood without disguising herself as a boy, and eventually Alanna’s daughter, a sassy spy who escapes slavery.

These were inspiring to read as a young girl and firmly planted the idea that I could do anything I set my mind to. And, when I thought about writing my own book, I took those kernels planted so much earlier in my life and set about the project, confident that I would succeed.

Curious about what inspired this post? Check out this explanation.

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