How to be a writer (#SecretsofaRomanceWriter)

Week 4: What I would do if I couldn’t be a writer

This prompt gives me lots of feelings. For one thing, my future hasn’t really involved ~being a writer~ since I was in middle school. When I look ahead to fifteen, twenty years from now I never picture myself as solely a writer. 

But, I never picture myself as solely a doctor or researcher.

Being a writer is not an exclusive choice. I do not have to be a writer at the sacrifice of my other hopes and dreams. Nor do I have to sacrifice writing for doing other things that interest me.

I am a writer because I write. And I write for me.

I don’t write for fame (though it would be nice).

I don’t write for royalties (but please send them my way).

I don’t write for survival (although it does make life more enjoyable).

My future as a writer is always as an addendum to my future as a sociologist, as a doctor. When I see myself, writing is never my primary form of income. Nor is it my sole drive in life. I think I differ from many of my friends in that writing has always been a nice addition to my daily activities and not something I require to get through to the next day.

Maybe one day I’ll be known for my writing. It would certainly be lovely. But it is by no means a requirement of my future.

Curious about what inspired this post? Check out this explanation.

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