You never forget your first (#SecretsofaRomanceWriter #UpCloseAndPersonal)

Week 1: Favorite thing I’ve written (and why)

It’s definitely a tie between a story I wrote in third grade about a non binary hawk named Attila and the first (and only) novel I ever completed.

The project was for NaNoWriMo in 2011 and was a whirlwind adventure. It was a high fantasy story with intricate world building and homemade maps. I ended up finishing it about two years later and have relegated it to a dusty shelf ever since!

My current novel length WIP, The Duke’s Dilemma, is shaping up to be a new favorite, though. As I’ve gotten older my own taste in books has changed and so has my interest in writing for specific genres. Where high fantasy used to reign supreme we now have an author who’s fed on a steady diet of regency romance!

How about you?

Curious about what I’m doing? Check out this post.

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