The Duke’s Dilemma (Sneak Peek #4)

Another excerpt for my lovely readers! If you want to catch up on other parts of The Duke’s Dilemma please check out my other excerpts. This one is a bit saucy, so I’ve placed it below the break. Nothing too scandalous, that’ll come later, but a little something to whet the palate.

Alex focused his attention on the warm stew that had been brought up. The food was simple, the flavors uncomplicated and the broth hearty. But it was filling. The warmth of the food helped ease the bone deep ache Alex felt threaded though his core. Shortly after finishing his meal, a bath was delivered and filled with warm water. Alex stripped and sank into the tub, truly relaxing for the first time since his departure from Woodmere. Letting his eyes drift close, Alex fell into a quiet repose.

This was the vision that Grace walked in on when she came back upstairs not even an hour later. She opened the door and found the man sprawled in the tub, steam rising from his body. One elegant eyebrow rose as she took in the display of male flesh she was presented with. Her eyes danced across the breadth of his shoulder and down the planes of his torso. The light covering of hair on his chest tapered as it approached the edge of the water and Grace found herself wishing that the shadows of night did not obscure the view below the water. Glancing further along, Grace observed a very male leg resting on the side of the tub, propped up in the epitome of relaxation.

Clearing her throat, Grace averted her gaze demurely as the man startled awake. Forgetting himself, he rose from the tub and turned towards the disturbance, water falling from his body as he moved. Grace quickly took in the tapering of his waist and the presence of his manhood just below before she spun around to face the door.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you, sir. It’s just that we agreed that I should arrive at ten.”

“Of course. It was my mistake.” His voice was low and rough with residual exhaustion. “No need to worry about your virtue, I’m fully covered now.”

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