On the value of handwritten notes

Plot bunnies are determined little things. I’ve had a bunny bouncing around my head for about two weeks now and found that its existence was a detrimental distraction from my writing. When I should have been focusing on the budding romance, I was instead fleshing out the bunny.

So, today I decided to do something about it. I wrote my bunny down. But that wasn’t enough. So I took out my bullet journal and started a word vomit page. I let my bunny free onto the page and added whatever details came to my mind. This lead to other bunnies and pretty soon I had a whole pile of fun plot twists to liven up the story.

When you read The Duke’s Dilemma, look out for my bunnies and be sure to say “hi!”


4 thoughts on “On the value of handwritten notes

  1. This is something I’ve always done, though now I have a document for all my ideas instead of a notebook.The only downside is I’d then want to work on that idea instead!

    P.S. Good luck on completing The Duke’s dilemma. (Do you plan on doing Camp for that extra push to finish by the end of July?)


    1. I had a document for a time, but tend to prefer the sprawling nature of handwritten work. I could never properly write by hand but I absolutely love it for mind maps and the like. I would post a photo of my notebook, but it is chock full of spoilers at this point!

      I am planning on Camping this summer for the full 50k. My goal is 85k words and my end date is August 12. I’m at about 30k right now, so I figure a solid 50k over the next month should be just fine.

      Stay tuned for more excerpts as they get posted. I’m very much enjoying sharing this journey with all of you!


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