The Duke’s Dilemma (Sneak Peek #1)

His Grace, the Duke of Everett


I write to inform you that a most appropriate candidate has been discovered for the position we discussed this month past. As requested previously, I have been stationed at Everett House in Thetford overseeing the construction. This past Tuesday, we received a visitor seeking employment. The butler was a personal acquaintance of the visitor and asked me personally to meet with the young lady in question. Curious, I did so.

At twenty-four she is neither too old nor too young. Her spirit is youthful and energy high. She is pleasing to the eye, though I know that concerns you not. Her father was a squire in the area and was generous and charitable until the day he died. She is well regarded in town and according to gossip, escaping a broken engagement. According to Timmons, who as I mentioned knows her well, the fiancé in question was caught with this good lady’s cousin only a month or so before the wedding. 

Having met this woman, I am certain that she meets your qualifications. I encourage you to extend an offer of an interview with Lady Eliza posthaste. 

I await your reply.

Ever your servant,


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